HIPPIE LUNCHBOX  Chai cobbler bomb hot-bottomed with activated maca butter 

NO, I don't eat these every day. They do in fact contain sugar, it's not magic by any means.....sometimes I put majik in it.....but that is a whole different level of magic. It is important to eat within your given dosha guidelines in order to reach radiant health, and i do for the most part. But sometimes you just need something sweet, frozen-yogurt like, packed with a powerful array of super-herbs. And super love. 

I try and reduce my resistance to insulin by choosing foods that do not skyrocket my insulin levels as this leads to insulin resistance and a very whacked-out  system. When we do in fact develop insulin resistance because we continue to flood our body with HIGH-INSULIN foods like refined grains, muffins, cornbreads, and ice cream our body eventually says OK, I have had enough. You're going to carry around some weight as punishment. Only kidding, our bodies never punish us, they really only try and do what needs to be done in order to meet internal equillibrium. Sometimes this works, but over time, constantly beating up your insides with sugary, bad kind of starchy foods is going to take a toll on you. Your liver wont be able to dispel glycogen while you sleep, you probably wont even be able to sleep for that matter, and when you wake up, the lack of sleep will lead to weight gain + low energy + fatigue + poor digestion. There are always exceptions, but do yourself a favor and sleep it off! 7, 8, 10, 12 hours......who is even counting? Create a domino effect of well-rested beauty bellies. 

I like to add avocado + our bio butter to my bombs so that I get that creamy consistency sans frozen banana + high sugar content. Any effort helps, but these are always going to give you a little sugar rush too. Which is okay some of the time.....especially if the sugar youre eating contains fiber....which it does....okay babes, here. Here, here. BOOM.

1/2 avocado
1.5 cup frozen berries
1/4 cup frozen mango
2 T hemp hearts
2 tablespoons Bioavailable maca butter
3 tablespoons nut milk
pinch of cardamom + cinnamon
1 inch chunk of ginger
banana + blueberries + tocotrienols for topping
Raw honey, Maple syrup, or coconut nectar drizzle. 

Take ONE of the tablespoons of maca butter and line the inside of your jar or bowl with it. 
Blend all remaining ingredients in a high powered blender that has a wand (vitamix or ninja) except the other tablespoon of nut butter + your toppings. 
On top of the nut butter wall, pile in your frosty filling. Top with banana + tocotrienols + blueberries + remaining nut butter. 
Drizzle with raw honey or coconut nectar.