In my busiest weeks, I find myself searching outside for inspiration. In my most fluid weeks, I find myself searching inside for inspiration and the creativity comes right through me. After an enriching weekend of out of body experiences, selfless indulging, girl power, and a reminder as to why I am here right now, I found my most fluid voice. I was fully receiving what my soul was telling me and I was able to move past the glass window that was built strong over many  months by the ego. Sometimes we get so lost in rigid routine and our ways that we start to sound, write, and speak "robotically", as Evan Rock of Steele Henry would call it. Our work become less valuable to others as well as ourselves simply because it isn't as profound and true as it really could be. 

Through the act of intrinsic listening, we can create and speak in beautiful tones that keep us in alignment with our destination, whether that be an ocean or not. This creativity stems from persistent personal inventory, clean living, and exercising your body and brain for nothing but figurative self love. Listen to Evans take on gaining a creative perspective. 

The river doesn’t know that it's destination is the ocean, yet still it flows towards the sea. once you start pouring out beauty, art, poetry, music, WHATEVER, don’t mind the end result or destination, simply enjoy the journey! don't let the fact that other people aren't recognizing your efforts dishearten you. allow the creativity itself to be the reward. the act of creation can take many forms, but it's manifestation depends on your spontaneity and connection to life.

You are not a robot, so don’t raise kids like a robot. childhood is the nursery of free expression. you are not a robot, so don’t write in your journal like a robot. writing is a means to make everything juicy and filled with present moment, empathetic light.

creation is a recollection of perspectives gained, rather than a list of what has already happened. find your means of release in a truly creative way. this begins by reflecting upon experience without dwelling on the past. creation is a journey INWARD, through truthful parts of yourself, never a journey BACKWARD, through non-existent parts of yourself. the past will be there, like a soundboard, but it is of less importance than the present moment. the creative perspective is in you right NOW.

all forms of art are simply creative and spontaneous snapshots of the moment. if you feel joyous, you may play a major key; if you are sad, a minor key. likewise, let the colors of your canvas reflect your current mood. we like to actualize our highest self through present moment expression, and gaining a creative perspective can be a profound release to help us come into an eternal state of flow.

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