Psychedelic living as a full time job. This sounds fun. But how? 

My experience with psychedelics always leads me to a question of i can stay in such an enriching state with everything i have at the present moment. Why is poison sometimes what gets us to a place of clearing, a place of deep knowing? There are signs that the universe gives us, every day. Through weather, vibrations of people, rotten or moldy food, intuitive power, superfoods + superherbs + superpowers. Yes we all have superpowers, but sometimes they can be suppressed so much that we actually believe we are lukewarm. WE ARE NOT. We are vessels of creativity that require alignment, whole body and brain nourishment, and strong spiritual connections in order to come into our fullness.

Psychedelic exploration expands our consciousness, skyrockets our connection to all meridians of the body, and help us better see who we actually are. Our skin becomes transparent, and depending on what we have been physically or mentaly feeding ourselves, we may sparkle bright. Call it unicorn food, elevated living, adaptogenic superpower, science, physics, or pure's all the same. Once you know, you know. And your creativity will start seeping out in small ways, eventually bringing you to a higher vibration, with more momentum, more trust, more surrender, more strength, more compassion, more feeling, more superpowers. This is what I call psychedelic lifestyling. Biohacking your mind-body connection so that you can orchestrate a life nothing short of that sparkle you see in everything when you really start to see everything. 

We are not our job, our thoughts, our ideas, our friends, our"selves", our bodies, our geographical location, our family, our history, our future. All of that doesn't exist. What will continue to settle our soul and propel us forward is this deep sense of knowing and ability to lead a life of an experience so good you ask yourself, Is this really happen? 

How do we get ourselves to a point of is this really happening? 


1) SLEEP IT OFF ࿈ We can't dream if we can't sleep. When our bodies and brains are exhausted, we won't be able to enter that rejuvenative, lucid state of sorting through everything our souls have ever dealt with. Most of our mental. physical, sexual and spiritual cleansing takes place while we sleep. Give yourself a bolster before bed and support your sleep life just like you do the physical body. If weather permits, sleep with the windows open. If not, make sure there are tons of plants around you, oxygenating your body as you sleep. Get off the pills, take valerian root. Enjoy intercourse before bed. Create a sanctuary of your sleeping quarters. Keep it clean. Invert yourself to give yourself one last dose of brain food before dozing off, your dream state depends on it. 

2) EAT HIGH VIBRATIONALLY ࿈ Algaes. Activated foods. Blue foods. Red foods. Green foods. All the colorful foods! The more color something has, the higher the vibration. The closer to where it came from, the higher the vibration. Stop thinking of food in numbers, start thinking of it in frequency. Frequency, energy, vibration, this is what changes how we see things. Eat raw foods, every day. Eat processed foods, NEVER. Explore plant foods, plants have the highest vibration of all things on earth! But humans on plant foods, wowza. 

Choose foods that are bitter, sweet, sour, pungent, astringent, hot, spicy. Stimulate your digestion, celebrate foods that light up your body and make your insides move. Let that food carry crap right out of you. A constant test of how strong your system is. Align your diet with what level of life you want to have. Choose foods that dig so deep into the corners of your body it just might be able to extract all those Fruit Loops you ate as a kid. No one is judging.....

3) SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE ࿈ Language is a privilege (I just had to google how to spell privilege, damn) don't exacerbate it! We are not required to respond or react to everything that is presented to ourselves. Most manifestation and consciousness harvests when we can be comfortable in silence! If you are tired of talking, shut your pie hole. Conserve your voice, as it is a form of our congenital jing (essence), and it will surely run out. Conserve.

4) TWIST + TURN + HEAT UP THE SPINE ࿈ Our spine is the connection of the body to the mind, it is where all consciousness manifests. In order to electrify this connection, we need to heat and cleanse the spine every day. Simple twisting, moderate twisting, or advanced, light up your cognitive powers and overall awareness by taking care of your spine! This is where our "superpowers" lay. 

When we heat our bodies, we create a furnace like state and hand our organs a new set of operating. Burning off impurities, staving off elevated cortisol levels, sweating out the shit that doesn't serve us. Toxins will find a way into our bodies, just don't let them stay.

5) ACCEPT YOU AREN'T SUPERHUMAN ࿈ Yes we sometimes feel like we have superpowers, but no one is a superhuman. We can't accomplish an unrealistic number of tasks for the day without losing a little sanity. If you start to feel like you are spiraling out of equillibrium, slow the F down please. Anxiety + stress is contagious, we no want non'dat, thank you. 

6) ALLOW YOURSELF TO HIT ROCK BOTTOM ࿈ Most of the time, when extremely challenging experiences happen to us that rock the ego, we step into a place of clarity and higher consciousness. The first (there have only been two) time I got in legal trouble when I was a teenager (very minor might I add, it was prom night) I almost took 8 jumps ahead of the state I had been operating in my whole life up until that point. When shit happens, awareness follows. When we experience heartache, consciousness will soon follow....disguised as heartache. If we get fired from our job, true passion unfolds.....disguised as rebellion. 

Oh, and its okay if you constantly feel like you're hitting rock bottom, haha. This means you are just bound to be in a higher psychedelic state when you make it all the way through. YAY!

7) CREATE ALLIANCES WITH BLACK SHEEP ࿈ The ones that are not-so-attractive to the ego, for whatever reason, are usually the ones that have such a heavy story and so many superpowers. You have to be open, a part of, everything that this life offers. Not just the shiny superstars that have a lot of learning to do. Take Chaga mushroom for disgusting looking.....not too appetizing......but oh, so powerful. Can reverse cancer, armor immunity, and make your cells moon walk. Literally. The moon feeds these guys hardcore. 

Also, the ego is very much a black sheep. We think that in order to elevate ourselves, we must detach from the ego. No, create an alliance with the ego......look how powerful the ego is! Let's be friendssssss. 

8) MANIFEST OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES ࿈ Whether it be meditation, tequila tasting, Ayauasca, strong coffee, magic mushrooms, LSD, DMT, a runners high, the high you get when you're in the zone in the kitchen, or just staying high on life and laughter, beg the universe for it. 

9) PRACTICE NON-PURCHASE ࿈ Get comfortable with having what you have, and getting by on what you have. This one is hard for me. The consumer trap never seemed so real as it did when I entered my twenties. Wait, I have to like feed myself? And I really love buying things for others, so I want to be able to do that! Oh and travel, and keep my herbal apothecary stocked. Oh, and my car is a farse and requires maintenance every season. New clothes, shiny jewelry, and expensive happy hours became obsolete. Meditate on practicing non-purchase of ego-strengthening anything. The universe will test you to deliver your dollar appropriately every time you bank account goes cha ching and pay day comes back again. Where will you spend? Where will you save? 

10) BE ALONE ࿈ The most important one of all, I can't reiterate it enough. Be alone with yourself, for many many many many hours. Meditate on your desires, your cravings, your pressures, your issues, mend yourself. Then come back and return to communized living strong, buoyant, secure, grounded, AWARE. You will realize your ability to turn on and off your level of experience when you truly start to know yourself. It is too confusing to be with another every single second of ever day. Humans are so influential, and this is really great. Like galaxy-level great, but not all the time. When will we ever reflect on our experiences if we don't find comfort in our own company first?

You see, we can take what we learn from out of body experiences back to our full time reality and mold it into our lifestyle so that the elements that swoon over our existence are so good to be true we can't wait to wake up every morning.

Twenty five cheers to that, because I am almost 25.