Its not magic, its your body in biological flow.

Adaptogens. Super foods. Super roots. A million dollars. A good attitude. beating love sessions. sweaty workouts. five year old energy levels. High vibes. Low vibes. Good hair days. Bad hair days. Hangovers. 

These things are directly a result of your inner blueprint, or how your system is handling what you've chucked on down la esophagus. Magic has nothing to do with the reality of what is happening. Its only science, its only biochemistry, its the biomechanics of your body + mind on the good stuff. The powders, the roots, the binders.....are not fairy dust. The so called magic is only your body finally getting what it has been designed to be consuming the entire time. Its your body in its flow state. And it's hard to maintain, because flow does not come easy. 


Strength, stamina, and stress relief will eventually be your normal....but only after you cradle your HPA axis in some mad TLC. Pick any adaptogen, go on pick your favorite. Visual yourself making a trippy tonic, frothed up with all the jams: ghee, MCT oil, raw honey, cardamom, vanilla bean powder, and your adaptogen of choice. The second the bitter/sweet/sour tasting herb hits your tongue, your taste receptors start working cohesively with the compounds in the herb to positively stimulate the neuroendocrine and immune systems via metabolic pathways. Adaptogens "affect the brain, nerves, endocrine glands, and immune system" by fine tuning the entire show, thus normalizing the overall state of the these systems. (Winston and Maimes, 2007).  This normalizing effect on the body allows us to enhance nearly every function, every organ, every thought. The fluids of the body are flowing, the sexual center nourished, and the adrenals are finally on the turn up. Think gradual incline, as opposed to hard, forced uni-directional effects. 


The HPA axis is the star, here. Without the HPA axis, the potent power of adaptogens, or any other phytochemical rich substance for that matter, wouldn't be as effective. Within the neuroendocrine system lay the HPA axis, one of our central "auto-regulatory systems". When we experience stress, two systems tackle the adaptive response: HPA axis + the sympathoadrenal system. Although these systems are powerful, and will work every second of every day to regain balance, it is possible to hold their hand a little bit. Adaptogens strengthen these systems so the time it takes to either reestablish balance or prevent burnout is exponentially shorter. The savings of stress hormones helps us maintain healthy metabolism, conserve energy, and require LESS fuel. 

YES. By consuming adaptogens, you will need to/be able to celebrate the need for less food! As your body is operating in a high-function state. Not to mention the boom-boom-bap your mitochondria will be break dancing to as a result of the plethora of antioxidants. 

So, it is not the foods that are magic. It is the biological effect that these plants have on the most important systems inside your shell. Lace them into every corner of your life, in moderation, and watch your true system strength unfold. 


We were so stoked to be a guest in Hillary Navarette, Kauai-based aesthetician, jungle cottage at the end of the road. She welcomed us with open air settings amidst the vibey North Shore and really good music. She is in the process of launching her very own organic skincare line that is rooted in ethical sourcing + ingredients that work, too, in harmony with your systems. The skin can be cared for and remodeled just as the immune system can. Her favorite way to practice skin-loving living is through trippy tonics laced with adaptogens, our medicinal butters (her favorite is our shroom butter), low glycemic sweetener, decaf coffee, and favorite nut milk for a fatty glaze. Thank you Hillary for being the Laka muse for the day, be sure to follow her along in all of her high-vibrational living journeys in and out of the salon.


Hillary's Golden milk//

1 tablespoon Laka coconut butter
1 cup nut milk
pinch cinnamon
1 tbs cacao
1 tsp turmeric powder
2 shots of espresso (optional) 

blend and serve it up frothy. 

Hillary's cacao dream// 
1 tablespoon Laka shroom butter
1 cup nut milk
1 tbs cacao powder
1/2 tsp Sun Potion Reishi mushroom
1 tbs tocos
1 tbs dark chocolate chips (melted, then added) 
1 shot of decaf espresso (optional) 

blend and serve it up chocolatey.