The first full moon of 2017 coincidentally falls within our month of "self-discovery". The watery and instinctive natures of Cancer distinguish this particular lunar phase as a true depiction of what is coming ahead in the next year. You feel that fire inside? Own it. Because this full moon will set the tone for the rest of the year.....and we don't want to let our dreams slip away. The Grand Cross formation between the Sun + Moon + Uranus + Jupiter is rigid and intense and will  translate to us as testing our own inner strength and power. Will we fall or fly? 

Just as everyone should, the planets have their own plan in mind for the next few years and seem to be setting them up for something incredibly transformative and without a doubt will be affecting our beauty bellies on earth. Just as the tension builds in the sky, be prepared for the tension to build inside of you (gradually), ultimately testing you and your deepest desires. 

The past year was a heavy one, I mean the heaviest we have seen in a while. It was one thing after the next and if you feel as if you couldn't catch a break, well you're not alone. This new year, though, is a time for us to glide through with a whole lotta less stress and indecision.

Trust the changes this new year is bringing and don't forget to steep in your goals. 

As with all full moons, make sure you are drinking as many liquids as possible 26 hours of the moon phase. If you are experiencing bloating or water retention, don't fret as your body is driving water into your cells for a deep cleanse and restoration phase so that it can do its bi-monthy shedding of waste accumulation. Whether you like it or not! The body is hyper-intelligent and knows that it cannot rely on the mind to regularly cleanse. 

The best foods to eat during new or full moons are lighther, rather than heavier and should try and avoid solid foods as much as possible. Juices, spring water, and dandelion tea or juice top the list for best foods to flood yourself with during the moon phase. 

So as we approach this full moon on Thursday, ask yourself......what needs to go? what needs to stay?