SLEEP YOUR WAY TO THE TOP// For connection to the divine + creativity + a stronger, lighter body.


There is no boob job that can make me look untouched by life, ever.

If someone were to ask me what my tools were for high-frequency living, I would definitely throw large amounts of sleep in there. Most likely number 1 or 2 behind physical and mental movement. By treating your bedtime like an appointment, a must-not-miss affair, something you should most definitely get super serious about if you want to take your consciousness up an octave, getting your personalized dose of shut eye is absolutely essential. Oh, and don't let people give you shit for doing so. Practice reminding yourself, maybe tattoo it on your arm, that you're doing this "shit" for connection to the divine and super-vivid dreams. As if you needed to justify that.....but, remember we have to master having one foot on both sides of the spectrum so that we don't totally lose touch with reality. 

Don't let people give you turbulence for going to bed at an hour that gives you room to develop intense dreamy dreams and even more vibrant realities! Adequate sleep connects us to the divine because we have enough time for our brains to cleanse, connect to ourselves at a soul level through imagery experience, and our body has time to metabolize all the awesome food + drinks we shove down our throats every day in hope they will make us skinnier and happier! No, but really. We are one giant, awesome world that wants everything to do with anything in the category that starts with super. It's okay, I totally want and will continue to work to be a superhuman. One that can moderately drink martinis and micro-meditate, simultaneously. Giving your body + mind a chance to go into cleansing mode is my number one weight management tool. Every time I sleep for anything less than 7.5 hours, I am like totally not conscious of my choices. And not that it's about losing weight, but generally when I am out of conscious choice I will have to pay for the way I feel after i finally get enough sleep because my tired self decided to drink cold brew and eat toast all day. 

The more we share what we saw, the more connected we can stay with our night-time realities and truly manifest whatever the heck our souls are trying to work out on the backend. Whether you are writing it down in a dream journal, or spilling with your lover the fact that for some reason you dreamed of you and your ex-boyfriend in a field of rainbows + kale smoothies + boogie boards, sharing helps keep your dream space alive. And the next night of dreams even more vivid! 

Um, of course there is dreamy food. Nor would I let any actual or cyber-based conversation end without bringing up the topic of food. Did I mention how important the chemicals you flood yourself with are? Okay, well. Just like we eat for exercise, recovery, energy, sexual power, creative power, so we do for dream power. The Egyptians knew what was up. Kick start the sleepy state with a cup full of Valerian root + Skullcap tea and chase it down with solids such as activated almonds, cherries, and bananas. Any tryptophan rich foods like kidney beans, activated pumpkin seeds, and tofu all contain Vitamin B-6 which help convert this amino acid into niacin and seretonin- two key hormones that drop you into that deep, REM heavy slumber. 

Creating an environment in which your mind and body feel comforted enough to release mind-blowing dreams into your sleep sessions is so critical in reaching high-frequency dreaming. Sleep as close to outside as possible, even if that means surrounding your bedroom with plants or opening a window or six haha. Keep it dark, quiet, and cool and decorate your bed in clean, simple tones like white, off white, or pastels. This signals to your body that its time to purify the mind and work out some stuff that may be lingering heavy in the headspace. (Email me if you want to hear my white bed theory!*) Create a space in which when you do reside, you are entering your dream-ship aka your bed with intention and imagination. What guidance do you need during sleep in order to help bring you ease and clarity in your life? 

You know all that body talk awareness that has been flooding the platforms lately? About how we need to start just accepting our bodies more and steer away from adulterating ourselves with implants, lifts, and ducky pumps to the lips? Not that anyone really does any of this, but we have a serious body confidence issue. Or at some point in time, we have had negative thoughts about personal image and what we feel someone should look like, especially a woman. Anyways, a good night of sleep is a dose of confidence to combat all these bogus doubts that we aren't exactly how we're supposed to be. 

It's all crap, because in all honesty on most days I look like a sweaty, sticky juvenile (sometimes not female) from all of my running around and just life in general. There is no boob job that can make me look untouched by life, ever. Let me tell you though, sleep gets me to a point where I don't even realize or think about what my hair looks like, or if what I am wearing is cool yet, simply because i feel soft on the inside and my mind is running pretty. So, sleep does make you pretty. 

A night of sleep is equivalent to a morning run in my book. Our bodies require so much recovery, and even more in this crazy go-go-go life we all bought a hall pass to. If I sleep enough, my workouts are stronger, I can run for longer, my energy while teaching is annoyingly-high-vibe, and I make so many better food choices that support fitness. While we are sleeping, the amino acid chains are conglomerating to create one chiseled figure of a female. They see the time we sleep as a perfect way to build our machines up. While the boss is away, the mice come out to play.

A well-rested body and mind is a productive one. Your creative efforts aren't even going to begin to pull through if you are trying to create from a tired mind. This will inevitable lower your vibration and disconnect you from critical movers and makers essential for staying within your own alignment. When we are tired, we miss things. And we may miss the signals. Those internal signals so critical in keeping your conscious clean and your innermost creative on point. Creativity is something that should always be present, even for a moment, in our days. The human brains creativity allows us to solve issues (some of which we create) and then pat ourselves on the back from doing so. Lack of sleep leads to lack of creativity leads to mega-frustration because we can't quite figure out a sparkly solution to anything. 

Dreams do come true. So daydream hard and sleep your way to the top.