Working with other creators across the Hawaiian islands is our own little way of creating network outside of our rock of elements we've chosen to reside on. This outlandish way of connection reminds us how human it feels to be human. And humankind catalyzes on the basis of love. Collaborating (the first of many) with Steele Henry has us feeling all sort of geometric shapes just reading her words. Listen as this Big Island based jeweled julep defines cosmic love and the foundation of everything that is....worth it.

COSMIC: adjective — relating to the universe or cosmos, especially as distinct from earth; inconceivably vast.

"yes, you are very of the earth — you feel things, think things, dream things, need things in order to survive here. however, you are simultaneously very not of the earth. you are energy, geometry, colors, patterns and vibrations. you are all of it, all at once, and all of it is at your disposal any moment you so choose. both realities are as real as the other, and on our collective journey, we are evolving to learn to tap into both realities with a non-judgmental, humble gratitude for what we see. we must develop a practice that gives us this perspective.

this practice, my friends, will change everything! it will take you back to the foundation of all love. that foundation is you. in order to see each other in our entireties, we must develop an individual practice that teaches us to love ourselves first.

how can we possibly expect to be loved by another, if we don’t yet know where love truly comes from? how can we teach others to see all of our beauty, if we’ve never seen it ourselves?

considering the rather fast-paced, violet nature of our world today, I think that we've programmed our minds into a greedy image about what love “should be”. we think that it’s some separate, universal entity that comes from outside of ourselves. there are two ways that we can think about love, both of which are toxic. the first: we think that we are ultimately “flawed” and that we don’t “deserve” it. the second: we think that we are “perfect” and victimize ourselves at the hands and energy of others, thinking that they have done us “wrong” and that we “deserve” so much better. in either mindset, our vision is blurred.

we don’t “deserve” or “not deserve” love, and there is nothing that can or will do us “wrong”. we must drop our victimhood and take complete responsibility for what we understand love to be. we must tap back into our cosmic reality to understand that we are not separate from love — we ARE it (all the energy, geometry, color, vibration), and it simultaneously resides within our bodies and brains. this cosmic education takes human dedication. what will this practice look like for you?

remember: if it doesn’t feel like love, then it’s not you. learn to love yourself again. begin this cosmic practice, and your physical world will manifest into place. align yourself with love, and your reality becomes nothing but."