So excited to have Catherin Pfab and Rebecca Piersol of The Crystal Press on here! They have taken their online fashion blog to new heights, stylish hand in hand. About three years ago, when they were starting TCP I remember have countless meetings with them, discussing just how i could be a part in their endeavors. Their energy was so attractive and I could tell their dream to transcend how we can access our most coveted fashions was the real deal. So much drive, so much beauty, and so much rose endurance. Our first meeting was at a local burger joint (minus the burger for me) over mid-afternoon glasses of rose. We clearly took different directions, simply because of our individual alignment. Now I just look at their page to remind me every now and then just how bad my island feet are and that I should probably buy something new and cool to wear the two times a year I get off this garden rock. :) 

If you know how to choose good wine, are energetically connected, and can dress yourself like a urban boss lady, it is safe to say you have some major bases covered. Here's their gold that is eloquently channeled through a life of manifestation and drive. It certainly takes a great deal of dedication to stand out in the blogger world, get it ladies! Word up. Press up your style game with these ladies.

Name? Age? Line of work? Where do you live currently?
CATHERINE PFAB: Catherine Claire, 28, Richmond but always bouncing around to NYC + LA.

REBECCA PIERSOL: Rebecca Piersol, 29 *eek*, Fashion Blogger, Richmond but in NYC quite a bit.


Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?
CP: I am a freelance content creator,  Reiki practitioner,  and fashion blogger at The Crystal Press.

RP: I am the brunette half of The Crystal Press, freelance content contributor and I also help my mom sling Turkish Towels for


 We're trying to dig deep into inspiring mover + makers initial motives for starting their own thing. What drove you to create The Crystal Press? How has it evolved or morphed from the start until now?
CP: Rebecca and I have been friends for a long time and we have always found joy in bonding over our fashion dreams. Whether it be our fantasy jobs we pined over in NYC or an outfit we couldn’t afford, our conversations have always been about life and style. The more we talked, the more we both  realized we should take the leap to channel this creative energy into an inspiring platform to hopefully inspire others, as well.

RP: Catherine and my major bond has always been based around fashion.  That may sound shallow, but it really meant that all of our time before creating TCP revolved around shopping, conversations about runway collections we were pining after or spending hours in each other’s closets getting ready, or simply for fun.  The jump to create the blog seemed organic from there. We were both looking for a more “official” outlet for our fashion creativity and one day we just woke up and said, today’s the day: we’re doing it. It is still evolving to this day and that is one of the things I have liked about it most.  We are branching out beyond just fashion and want to have a space to nurture our various passions as well as our followers’.


Where did the name “The Crystal Press” come from?
CP: We both believe what you think about expands - the way light does when focused into a crystal. The Crystal Press is a place we share what inspires us in hopes that it will expand to a place that inspires others to live more voraciously, with a sense of style.

RP: We both believe what you think about expands - the way light does when focused into a crystal. The Crystal Press is a place we share what inspires us in hopes that it will expand to a place that inspires others to live more voraciously, with a sense of style.

Is The Crystal Press your full time gig, or is it still your side hustle?
CP: Quickly evolving from side hustle to full time gig!

RP: We are on the brink of full time- thank goodness.

What is it like working with your best friend?
CP: Amazing. I know most people’s instinct is to not mix business with friendship and maybe that holds true for some. But for us, our business-friendship-mix has been a perfectly placed mirror for each of us, helping us recognize our strengths.  While it may not always be a pretty picture, it is a necessary one for our brand’s evolution.Yes, we may have disagreements but it’s because we both have a vision we believe in - there’s a lot of energy there. I attest working with my best friend as the reason why the past two years have been my greatest, especially in terms of personal growth. All that good stuff aside, who doesn’t want to hide away in a new hotel with one of your favorite people for work?

RP: Unbeatable! Catherine and I have a really unique working relationship that stems from being best friends. Over the past two years I have learned so much about myself, the good and the bad, and it has truly made me into a pretty decent almost-30 year old.  Catherine teaches me to be more self-aware and helps me to calm down when I get too wound up about logistics.  “Just take a breath, Reb.”  We are both really good at reminding each other that we are  on a really fun, unique adventure and no matter what road blocks we hit, or how tired we get, at the end of the day we are really lucky.  

What kind of impact do you want to have on how people “do fashion”?
CP: Fashion gets a bad rep because so many shrug it off as a frivolous luxury. I think doing fashion is more than clothes - it is about the thoughts of the person in them. If you can decide what you want to wear in the morning, I bet you have a pretty clear vision of where you want your life to go. Ultimately, Rebecca and I hope to inspire people to take a more holistic approach to fashion by curating their thoughts the same way they would their closet or instagram feed. Thinking is where it all begins.

RP: Our style is constantly evolving and I think that is pretty evident when you scroll through posts on The Crystal Press.  Sometimes I look back like “what was I thinking?” But, that’s okay. That is how fashion works. I want everyone to know that - because we all have those moments. I also want people to look at our outfits and say,  whoa, I saw that online and thought I could never pull that off! But that’s how you wear that.   We are all about taking fashion risks, breaking fashion rules, ignoring trends and we want our followers to do the same.  At one point I think we were playing with the motto “Forward Thinking Fashion” and I still like that.  It  pretty much sums up what we are trying to do.

Most of us have to keep momentum + strong creative energy in our side hustles, or else they can dissipate due to the extreme challenge of creating something out of nothing. How did you balance self-care, family, work, and creativity as TCP was growing?
CP: I attribute the majority of my balance to my daily meditation. It’s always where I go to recharge my creativity. Having a business partner, family, and fiancè that understand and support you plays a big role as well.

RP: I will say that is one of the things I have struggled with the most.   Catherine and my husband John have really help me with all of that, being supportive on every front.  I think I just have to remind myself not to get wrapped up in a single aspect, but instead have all the parts work together as a whole in my personal life.  Oh, and Catherine has also got me into meditating….  It’s a work in progress.

Since none of us have children (yet), we sort of start to treat our business like our babies……what’s the biggest personal growth you have experienced from birthing a booming fashion business/blog?
CP: Learning to let go. In the world of social media where the measurement of value is followers and likes, it is so easy to lose sight of your own voice because you are focused too much on how well it will be by received by others. I’ve learned that I don’t need all of my followers to understand my vision, and while that may mean less likes or less followers - the ultimate person I have to be true to is myself. My priority isn’t to be approved of,  my priority is to be true to the vision I am trying to create.

RP: Honestly, it has really made me put myself out there in a way I didn’t know was possible. I have shared personal details on the blog and with people along this journey and that has really made me stronger in day to day life.  I used to be petrified of public speaking and now I’m like, walking up to Zanna Roberts Rassi (an idol) at fashion week like Hey, Whatsup?


When we do indeed decide to start our own company, we believe manifestation comes front and center as part of a growth strategy. Can you remember a time when TCP was an infant and you took part in manifestation as a means to help it blow up? How has manifestation helped you celebrate the green lights within your business?
CP: Manifestation is of the utmost importance and has played an instrumental role in every single step we’ve taken with The Crystal Press. Get into alignment first, and then act. Our focus is inspired action.

RP: Manifestation is a part of our day-to-day life.  Catherine has taught me how powerful it can be and that along with taking action has really put us where we are today.  I can remember our first invite to NYFW and thinking “this is where manifesting has gotten us.”

Funneling our energy towards an idea and trusting the universe to fluidly bring  our dreams to fruition can be related to spirituality as it entails full faith in the process. Can you agree that business is a spiritual act?
CP: I can’t see one without the other. My spirituality has increased tenfold as my dreams for life and TCP have gotten bigger.

RP: Oh, absolutely.  Spirituality is crucial to my personal well-being and I feel certain that without it I would never have dove head first into this business.  That is something Catherine and I are extremely like minded about.

From personal experience, I know that starting a business can cause some unforeseen tension within ones “other life”. How did you ladies maintain balance between work + family + self-care + love ?
CP: I think the biggest thing about following your dream is treating that dream with respect  and for lack of a better word, incubating it. Stop looking for advice from people  in your “other life” and get quiet enough to get advice from the creative spirit inside of you.

RP: I couldn’t have done it without the support of my hubby, John (aka Mr. TCP), my family and Cath. Everyone is so understanding and behind our journey 100%. I’ve been working for my dad’s engineering firm for some time now and luckily he supports my dream.  I feel very lucky.

A successful boss lady knows the first step to running a powerful business is to keep her self-care on lock down and body just as powerful. What types of morning + nightly rituals do you include so you ensure full body support?  
CP: Hot lemon water, stretching, and meditation are my 3 go-tos.

RP: Whenever I can, I like to take a bath with essential oils at the end of a long day > Usually, Fall asleep listening to Reiki music (thank you Cath) >  get a full night’s sleep > wake up and spray my face with rosewater immediately > drink Kusmi Detox Tea.


How has social media fostered the growth of your business + what is your perspective on technology in general when it comes to creating something out of nothing?
CP: Everyone should do it.

RP: It’s unavoidable and a really useful tool, even on the frustrating days.  Content, Content, Content is our motto.

Top 5 inspirations?   *in no particular order*


  1. Danielle LaPorte

  2. Need Supply Co

  3. Pantone

  4. Kanye West

  5. Taylor Swift


  1. Katharine Hepburn
  2. Amy Smilovic of Tibi
  3. My Sister Caroline
  4. Joan Baez
  5. Elin Kling


Top 3 luxuries that everyone should treat themselves to after a long hard week.

  1. La Mer

  2. Airplane Mode

  3. A Blowout


  1. Champagne
  2. Hot Stone Massage
  3. Netflix and Chill -- but seriously.

In 1 word, how would you describe your brand?
CP: Expanding.

RP: Evolving

A few words of advice for anyone starting an online business?
CF: Believe in yourself, or love yourself as my boy Justin Bieber would say,  and don’t be afraid to change your mind about anything.

RP: Just do it.


Go-to high vibe meal for the mind + body-conscious gal?
CP: Acai Bowl from Pit and the Peel.

RP: Greek Quinoa bowl with feta, olives, onions and chicken.


Favorite place in Richmond to find inspiration?
CP: The Jefferson Hotel.

RP: Wandering the streets of The Fan.

Where the hell did you learn to be so damn in tune?
CP: I think we all are, we just need to take the time to listen.

RP: My mom - she knows everything and everyone and I guess it’s just genetic ;) Just kidding, learn from experience, listen and share.