THE GALACTIC CENTER ∆ Heres why you might be wanting all the carbs this month

We are all in what we call a Neptunian"fear wave". Teeter tottering between boss babes who put the holla in holladay and those people that just don't make this time of year all that sparkly. Our headspace is super fogged (imagine that!) and we are in the darkest time of the year. On Wednesday we will experience the darkest day of the year. And if you're like me......we've been gorging on all the (local or not) carbohydrates in the form of rustic breads + GF muffins that leave me skeptical. We're feeling dark + dense + possibly a little depressed!

As the days start to grow longer + brighter, we now start to move out of the fear wave and closer towards an elevated bout of light-filled months......enlightened  months. The most magical holiday + new year will follow closely after, setting us up for a slew of opportunities to pave our new path to higher vibration in lifestyle + spirit. 

Let our mantra serve as a reminder to clear the inner terrain, starting with the cosmic clutter or mental load that has accumulated this entire past year. I am never on time, but time is something that helps us document how far our efforts + overall practice has come after a year of wishy washy moon phases + mercury retrograde phenomena. 

Clear your space, sage your loved ones, and agree to be "out with the old". you deserve it, beauty belly.