The power of pH: Alkaline living, swerving candida, and mastering water with Amelia Whelan

Take one look at her skin and I immediately assumed she must drink rose water for breakfast lunch and dinner. If you could make one investment in your health this year, I believe you should consider clearing up the confusion surrounding your water source once and for all. Amelia Whelan, thank you for adding yet another totally-worth-it-absolutely-necessary-for-biohacking-my-body item to my list that as i hit "place my order" I will say a small prayer the money is spent towards something that brings me clarity of mind, skin, and spirit. Beauty belly daps to this island julep! 


Water is what connects us. With over 9 billion individuals on this planet today, there is still the same amount of water on Earth as there was when the planet was formed over 4.6 billion years ago.The human body is made up of over 70% water. An infant’s body is almost 90%. The human brain is 75% water, and a living tree made up of over 70%water. We all come from water. It is sacred. It is vital for our existence. The human body is able to live without food for approximately 30 days, but without water, only 3 days.

But not all water is created equally. Nor is every body. Sacred, sensitive and susceptible to disease - our cells are working around the clock to create a continuous homeostasis of natural, alkaline pH and reverse the effects of oxidization - essentially, the process of aging. When we grab a delicious Hawaiian grown avocado and cut it in half on the countertop, we quickly see the flesh begin to discolor. Leave it out for a few hours longer, and we would be able to physically watch as oxygen alone begins to break down and deteriorate this food. Similarly, this process of oxidation is breaking down our body. When we are fueling our bodies with hydrogen rich substances, we are bringing electrons back to the body and stopping the oxidative process. Ensuring optimal functionality for all organs in our body - healthy skin, bright eyes, vibrant health etc.


Introducing all mighty, healing, alkalized, ionized Kangen water. Originally from Japan, but introduced to me while lying on a bed in a sacred hydrocolonic therapy session in Ubud, Bali two summers ago. It was on this bed that I learned (and then learned again one year later,) that my body was working to fight off an overgrowth of candida and bacterial yeast. It was no wonder that I was displaying the symptoms of an acidic environment - prone to illness, poor immune strength, overgrowth of yeast, poor sleep patterns, fatigue etc. Although my entirely organic, mineral dense plant based vegan diet was doing absolute wonders for my health and overall vitality, (healing my body from many years of poor diet and lifestyle) it wasn't over compensating for the mass amounts of poor quality drinking water I was consuming out of my brita filter for the past three years. My holistic doctor told me that acidity was building up in areas of body and I was no longer in a state of alkalinity. And thus, the blackhole vortex of online research began.

Fortunately, there are scientists and medical doctors who have done the trial and error for us. Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 for proving that cancer cannot survive in an alkalized, oxygen rich environment. He says “Every single person who has cancer, has a pH that is too acidic.” But his research (and many others,) discovered that it wasn't just cancer - but also all chronic and degenerate disease, infection, illness, bacteria and yeast that cannot survive in an alkaline environment. As Keiichi Morishita explains in his book "Hidden Truth of Cancer,"  as your blood becomes too acidic (anything over pH level 7.0,) your body will move this acidic substance from the blood to your cells, thus allowing the blood to return to a healthy pH level of 7.35. However, as a result of this process, all of these cells become too acidic and in some cases, begin to die. The cells that survive however, become abnormal cells that cannot correspond with your brain or DNA, typically referred to as “malignant” cells. These cells will grow continuously. These are cancerous cells (source).


And so… I embarked on an entire alkalized life transformation. My approach, of course, began with an alkaline plant based diet. My diet was now going to be focused around all plant based foods above 7.0 pH. Foods that were labeled as acidic, were going to be either minimized, or eliminated entirely. I was on a quest for all fresh, alkaline and cleansing food and drink only.

I feasted on an abundance of the alkaline rich foods - many of the most alkaline foods in the world, to be exact, such as Spirulina, Chlorella, Raw Leafy Greens, Fermented Foods, Lemons, Limes and watermelon. I became a superfood power house and was consuming more elixirs and wellness supplements than I could wrap my lips around. I educated myself on the importance of an alkaline lifestyle, and religiously tested my own urine each morning for a year with pH indicator strips. I ditched the Brita filter and drove to the health food store every 2 days to fill up jugs of “alkaline water.” I was doing just about everything within my power to remove all acidity from my life. Eating well, exercising, meditating, practicing yoga, superfood-ing and releasing negative thoughts/people from my life.

When it was time to travel again almost one year later, I flew back to Bali and fell violently ill, for a second summer in a row. Which was befuddling to me, because Bali is a health foodie’s paradise, and I was eating just as well, if not better in Indonesia as I was at my home in Hawaii. Now, I was battling a horrible combination of Bali Belly and dengue fever. I was weak, dehydrated, lethargic, in pain and overall “heavy” feeling - I knew my body was crying out for help. I managed to leave the bed of the homestay I was festering in, and made it to the holistic center by scooter. During mu consultation, my practitioner reminded me yet again, to invest in one of the Kangen water machines (used throughout that particular holistic center) and conquer my acidic ailments once and for all. And so I traveled back to Hawaii and got back to the grind. I researched for days on end, and then researched some more. Here’s what I found..


Kangen water is alkalized, ionize antioxidant rich water. The process of ionization reduces the size of the water clusters and creates smaller, hexagonal shaped water molecules which allow for 80% better absorption in our body - compared to all tap/bottled water, and promotes proper elimination of waste build up. The water balances our body’s pH level, as well as contains an abundance of hydroxyl ions that eliminate free radicals in our body. It is rich in Antioxidants- larger amounts than all of the acai juice, gojiberries and dark chocolate that I was already eating! And trust me, I was not holding back on the goji and dark chocolate combo! I read the testimonials, watched the video demonstrations and stayed up until 1 in the morning a few too many nights in row reading all information online. That week, I scraped any and all pennies I had leftover from a summer spent at the balinese markets, and put a down payment on my own machine.


Within the first two weeks of drinking the Kangen water, I experienced what I believe to be pure nirvana. The machine is a certified medical device, used in hospitals and operating rooms around the world. I had managed to get my hands, and my lips, on the best of the best in the world. The machine produces 5 different types of both alkaline an acidic water that I could use in over 100 different ways around my house (and body!) I loved the water. I felt truly hydrated for the first time in my life. Not only could I no longer bare the taste of the bottled “filtered” water I had been drinking previously, I began to notice immediate physical and mental changes within days. My energy levels and digestion were noticeably improving after each day drinking close to a gallon of his healing 9.5pH water. I began to feel clear minded, energized upon waking up in the morning, and truly hydrated throughout the day - craving the water, enjoying the pure taste of the water, and wanting to drink more. I experienced some mild detox symptoms for the first two weeks but was so pleased to watch the sodium retention and water weight shed off my body instantly. After testing my own acidic pH for more than 1 year, it only took 9 days of drinking Kangen water before my pH levels rose from dangerous, acidic levels of 5.1-5.4 pH to alkaline levels of 7.2-7.3 pH. Each morning, when testing my pH and watching the color indication change from the previous day, I knew I had struck drinking water gold. (I have tested my pH every single week over the past year of drinking Kangen water and have never once tested acidic since.)

The machine came into my life and it conquered. All of my ongoing goals to be entirely chemical free and sustainable were quickly put into action. I educated myself on the uses of the 7 different types of water produced by the machine and got to work around the house. Washing all of my organic fruits and vegetables in the 11.5pH water that emulsifies oils (and removes all oil based pesticides/herbicides/insecticides) and squeeling as the washing water turned brown/black/green/yellow within just a few moments of soaking. I filled up mason jars of 2.5pH antibacterial water (used in hospitals, restaurants, laboratories and operating rooms around the world,) and cleaned my toilet, kitchen countertops and teeth. I began to use the water as clothing detergent, nasal wash, sore throat relief and so much more. When I made the downpayment on my Kangen machine, I thought I was investing in a water machine. What I didn’t realize was that I was actually investing in my perpetual health.

With Good Health & Aloha


Amelia Whelan

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