Affected by traveling at high altitudes? Making sure you take glutathione and chlorella just might save you some lethargy, immune system tankage, and constipation commonly associated with mile high club. the most prevalent antioxidant found within our body that decreases with age as well as travel. Poor diet, stress, sedentary living, and environmental toxins can all lower our glutathione levels way faster than normal. Stick yourself in a cabin full of who-knows-where-they-came-from-what-perfume-theyre-wearing-and-what-they-ate-for-breakfast people and you just might get coughed on. Glutathione strengthens the immune system, boosts athletic endurance, and gently detoxifies the body so that you can travel packing vitality and not worry about missing out on exercise when traveling due to low energy levels. your new wanderlust companion. Although it was first thought of for helping those traveling to other galaxies (just kidding, outer space), chlorella has been found to offer myriad benefits for any traveling via higher altitudes. When buying chlorella, look for the cracked-cell wall variety as it promotes better digestive and immune health and removal of mercury. Even if you are excited to get where you are going, traveling puts stress on your body whether you realize it or not. Your body sucks up all of nutrients in your beauty belly, including phytonutrients, to help cope with this stress response and keep you well. Chlorella is a potent source of restoring these phyto-magicians and can be administered in tablet or powder form. Chlorella-laced raw truffles are the perfect travel snack. 

Explore the world in a contagious state of health and dare to be that crazy hippie on the plane gorging on phytonutrients.