THE THIRD EYE CHAKRA (AJNA) SITS JUST ABOVE THE NOSE, IN BETWEEN THE TWO BROW BONES, in indigoIt directly relates to the health of our pineal + pituitary gland and allows one to be extremely mindful, present, and aware of the inner and outer terrain in which we live. 

When our third eye is open or balanced, we are able to think + speak + observe in complete clarity. It is beyond the ego and allows both sides, both creative (right) and logical (left), of our brain to function in complete harmony. Once we balance and open our third eye we are able to see in complete consciousness and define everything that happens in love, work, play, or inside our minds. This is where our bodys hyper-intelligence forms an alliance with our minds and strongly signals to us when something has gone haywire within or an organ is experiencing fluff. We begin to enter a profound intuitive state, perhaps knowing things will happen before they happen! 

Don't be afraid to sit in the sun to activate your third eye center and awaken your inner sense of knowing. Challenge yourself to writing, learning a new language, and playing games using the physical body so that you are constantly teaching the third eye new and exciting elements. Our third loves to be used, moved, and nourished. Dirty, dirty girl.

It is important to stay away from fluoridated toothpaste, tap water, and packaged foods and stock your system up on Omega-3 rich walnuts, flax seeds, hemp seeds, and fatty fish. Dedicate your third eye focused days to a platter of purple foods such as purple potatoes, grapes,  kale, chard, and eggplant. Instill a state of euphoria by consuming raw cacao in decadent amounts. Practice slow, mindful, controlled chewing so that your third eye has enough time to dissect the nutrients and potency these foods offer, helping clear and strengthen your intuitive powers and slosh feelings of indecisiveness.